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Tittensor Village Hall

History of the Hall


 Tittensor is a small village 3 miles north of Stone, Staffordshire and one mile south of the Trentham Gardens Estate.

The Village Hall is located just off the main A34 along Winghouse Lane.

The land of about one acre was given by Conveyance dated 10th April, 1956 made between Thomas Fortescue Crawshay Frost, the Honourable William Humble David Ward and Arthur Stephen Fuller [called the Sutherland Trustees] for the purpose of a Village Hall - for the Benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Tittensor and the neighbourhood.

This Land was originally part of the late Duke of Sutherland’s estate left in trust on 13th June, 1960    by Frederick Maitland Wright, Thomas Robert Copeland, Mary Clare Bassett and Harold Spilsbury .                                                 

The hall to be used for meetings, lectures and classes, recreation and leisure with the object of improving the conditions of life for its residents.

The Opening of the Hall was held on Saturday 7th July 1965 and was performed by Mrs Maitland Wright on behalf of her mother Mrs Frank Wedgwood who was in South Africa. She was one of the prime movers in the campaign for a village hall.

The brick-built hall costing £5000 was designed and planned by Albert Homes an assistant Surveyor to the Stone Rural District Council, who lived right next door to the hall. The committee had been trying to get a hall for some 6 years, after residents had begun to subscribe money after the last war- some 30 years before.

 An alcove extension to the width of the hall was in the planning from 1985 with the free work being undertaken by the Community Programme Agency the original scheme to cost £7,000 for materials. This turned out to become £21,260 and by 1990 the Community Programme Agency was disbanded and became the Employment Training Division. Meanwhile extensions to the kitchen and toilets were completed.in 1990.

During 2003/4 a complete renovation was completed. This included new ceiling tiles and Led lighting, replacement flooring in the alcove, passage and kitchen new chairs, tables and curtains.  To complete the project the hall was completely redecorated.

A Child’s Play Area project was completed adjacent to the village hall using funds from Stafford Borough Council Section 106 [housing development set aside at Groundslow] £20,000 plus a grant from the Staffordshire Environmental Fund [landfill] of £30,000.

The grants were made to the Swynnerton Parish Council and the Land was also lease to them by the village hall.       

 This council took the responsibility for ownership, maintenance and insurance.

A Defibrillator was sited during 2013 on the outside wall of the hall. Donations were received from all the village groups, Bassetts Transport and the Swynnerton Parish Council of £1,537. The British Heart Foundation also contributed £200. Training was given to two groups of residents.

The new village hall
Early Produce Guild